EBU Online Written Examination

Dear EBU Delegates!

We hereby inform you about the upcoming EBU Online Written Examination. This exam is the first of the two parts of the European Board Examinations in Urology. To know more about the European Board Examinations in Urology, kindly click on this link.

Why participate?

This examination will be invaluable for any urologist aspiring to be a “Fellow of the European Board of Urology” (FEBU). Candidates who pass the EBU Online Written Examination and meet the eligibility criteria can apply for the EBU Oral Examination, the second part of the European Board Examinations in Urology.

What will the exam entail?

The EBU Online Written Examination is a web-based exam consisting of 100 MCQs. The questions will cover various urological topics, including basic science.

When and where is the exam organised?

The examination is organised on Friday 17 November 2017 from 14.30 to 16.30 hrs. It istaken at a Pearson VUE secured test centre in Europe.

What are the requirements?
Participation is subject to eligibility. For more information and registration visit the EBU Website. The registration deadline is 1 September 2017!

We would appreciate it when you share this information with potential candidates.

Thank you in advance and best regards!

Wilma Gietman
Executive Director
European Board of Urology
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