EBU – In-Service Assessment

The next In-Service Assessment will be organised Thursday 11 and Friday 12 March 2021.
As EBU we are very happy to announce that we have developed this assessment into a Learning Tool. Although the format remains unchanged, the analysis will be more insightful. Until 7 days after announcement of the result, the MCQs including detailed validation comments on each question, will be available in our examination management system Examfolio. This gives candidates the opportunity to review the assessment and learn/improve themselves.
This objective and comparative data will bring many rational approaches to improve training. Trainees will obtain information about their knowledge at different levels and get them motivated for the better. The faculty may benefit as well as their trainees’ results can guide them to regulate and make rational changes of the training program within the institution.

The regular fee is EUR 60 per candidate, a reduced fee of EUR 50 is applicable to applicants from EBU Certified Centres.

For information and registration please visit our website.

Registration will be available until 14 February 2021.